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The inclusion of neurodiversity is bringing new talent, new points of view and new ways to revolutionize team works.

– Why is important this theme?
– How that would affect to all of us in the future?
-How could audience use these conclusions in their areas?

We will have the presence of professionals for whom neurodiversity has been a change in their personal and
professional life and with business activists who want to be better for humanity.

Thorkil Sonne: Implementing Neurodiversity at work.
J. Mª Batalla: Creativity through Neurodiversity
Raimon Puigjaner: How B Corp companies treat neuro diversity?

After the public questions a “real life Neurodiversity painters” will happen at the room with two NeuroArtist
from La Casa de Carlota.
If you want to attend sign up for this link:

Inclusion of neurodiversity