Tribuna Sant Cugat Empresarial


The Sant Cugat Empresarial association, together with Sant Cugat City Hall and the foundation Fundació Sant Cugat Actiu, organise the Tribuna Sant Cugat Empresarial with the goal of encouraging the stimulation of the city’s economic fabric and its interaction within the region, resulting in greater impact and visibility.



Innovation Conversations is a meeting where business owners and professionals can make connections and create synergies. In the form of a discussion with two special guests, the programme includes a networking session where attendees can discuss the different aspects of the conversations and speak with the guests.


Portes obertes SCE


Business visits organised by Sant Cugat Empresarial are exclusive networking activities designed for affiliates to visit the facilities of other members of the Association and learn up close about their operation.


These are designed with the aim of sharing knowledge with and providing guidance to businesswomen in the setting of an “informal luncheon”, with a speaker proposing a discussion topic to the attendees. In this way, with the help of some exercises, attendees can share different points of view and tools for confronting specific problems. Regular activities.


A company’s social responsibility is a combination of legal, ethical, moral and environmental aspects. In spite of there being regulations in this regard, the integration of CSR into business culture is, in the end, a voluntary decision and a gesture on the part of the company itself rather than a requirement. For this reason, Sant Cugat Empresarial and Obra Social “la Caixa” will launch the first edition of “Recognising the social responsibility of small and medium sized businesses”.


The Between Equals initiative is addressed to all companies, affiliated or not, and to Sant Cugat Empresarial. Its aim is to encourage awareness about the importance of prevention of male and domestic violence within companies as essential for the proper operation of a business and society in general. If you own a business and are interested, contact